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Articles on this site reflect the experiences of my wife, Angie.  The info below is the result of my interviewing her, and then posting the interview with the corresponding resources and links on this site.  We hope this helps you conduct your own research on your unique path to wellness.  Please enjoy!  Daniel.

Daniel:  "You are pretty enthusiastic about the approaches you've found for dealing with infections."

Angie: "I have had to cope with frequent Infections because of the illnesses I've had to deal with.  The can hit in a variety of places in my body.  Thank God I've learned to overcome them with natural methods that don't seem to cause me side effects. "

Angie:  "Personally, I have been able to avoid antibiotics and other meds countless times. It's commonly known that it is unwise to take antibiotics if it's not absolutely necessary.  The problems those meds can create include developing resistance to the antibiotics, too much of the good bacteria in your gut being killed allowing fungal infections to develop, and I believe that antibiotics can suppress your immune system.

I believe there are times when it's necessary to take antibiotics.  If I do have to, I take acidophilus several hours apart from the antibiotic, and then continue taking it for at least a couple of weeks after I am done with the antibiotic.  I often take 3-5 caps or more at a time.  It's important to replenish the good bacteria that the antibiotics destroyed.

I want people to remember that I'm not a medical professional.  I'm just sharing what works for me.  Infection is a serious issue, and it should not be neglected.  They should not let it get worse.  See a doctor if you need to. "

General List: For all Infections

Angie: "Here's what I take internally:  These are the things I take regardless of where the infection is or whether it's viral or bacterial.  This protects me from what might take root in a weakened condition.  I believe these help my body from an internal, systemic perspective.  I'll talk about tactics for specific types of infections later.  Here are the general items:

Oxy-powder at bedtime to increase the oxygen in my system to fight infection.  This stuff has been AMAZING for me.  Although Oxy-Powder is marketed as a colon cleanser, I use it as a key component in my infection fighting routine. Not only did I find it to be a great colon cleansing product, but it has increased my energy, reduced my chronic pain and it has been really helpful to increase the oxygen in my system to fight infection.  Oxygen approaches are widely used in the holistic, alternative health community to fight viruses, bacteria, etc."
(This is the link to the article on what Oxy-Powder did for Angie and how she uses it HERE.)
Ozone - I use it to further increase my oxygen levels.  In fact, I used it today.  I started to feel miserable. My sinuses were dripping, I had diarrhea and my stomach felt queasy, I was getting hot and cold, I felt weak and fatigued. My family is getting together today and my nephews are in from out of state and I didn't want to miss this.  I did everything on the infection/cold page, but those things take a little time to kick in.  I decided to try ozone, and now I feel just about back to normal.  That took about 45 minutes.  I'm amazed myself!  (See the oxygen protocol page for more info on how I use oxygen approaches to deal with infections, viruses, pain, and as a part of my protocol for getting healthy. )
Olive leaf (East Park) - 2 capsules 3-4 times per day.  I use this for the antiviral/bacterial/fugal effects. It is my understanding that this product is created in a way that makes it a highly potent and effective form of olive leaf.  From my research, this appears to me to be the olive leaf of choice for many health pros. I've tried others and had less success, so East Park is the only one I use. (Here is the East Park site link with detailed info on why it works and what it does:  East Park  If you are buying, it's much cheaper through or than from East Park directly. Use the link in the next column to see the link directly to the product on Amazon.)
Goldenseal root caps - 2 caps 3 times a day.  I find that this is a really effective as an anti-bacterial for me.  I stick to the root as it's stronger.
Colloidal Silver - 3 times a day if the problem is not severe, or as often as every hour if it is.  Colloidal silver is something I would not want to be without.  I have found this to be one of the most powerful things I've used. I hold it under the tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing.  (Please see the colloidal silver article.)

Nyastatin Powder for fungal infections - I use Nyastatin powder in addition to the natural anti-fungals. I believe it stays in the digestive system and is not absorbed in the body. Apparently the buggers can't build resistance to it, and I find it quite effective. It is by prescription only. The problem with the prescription nyastatin you get at the regular pharmacy is that it has sugar in it, which feeds the fungus. The sugar free stuff has aspartame,  which to me is unacceptable.  I buy the pure powder from a compounding pharmacy. It's much less expensive, pure and is free of sugar. I have the compounding pharmacy's info on our progesterone resource page.

CL02 - a dropper full in a glass of water every couple of hours. I find this really helps me with fungal and bacterial infections.  A live blood cell analysis consultant I know uses it for parasites as well. He said he sees very good results in the follow-up blood tests. Now we're using MMS instead of CL02, so stay tuned for some info on this site about that.
Vitamin C - I take as much as I can tolerate, which is 2-3000 mg every two hours.  If you take too much you can have diarrhea.  I take it until my stomach starts to say to quit.  I always use it in the form of Ester-C, which has buffers added to make it more alkaline. Vitamin C is very acidic and can be irritating.  Ester-C works well for me without the irritation. 
Allimed - Check out the info on our recently added web page on Allimed.
Raw Garlic Cloves - I can't do this because it's harsh on my stomach, but it can be very powerful to eat raw garlic cloves.  I'm told the pills apparently have far less impact.  Some folks swear by this. "


Angies Tactics For Particular Infections:
Bladder Infection 
In addition to the products listed above I do the following: 

I want to mention that the approach of using cranberry and vitamin C to acidify the bladder to repel bacteria actually scorched my bladder and I've never been the same. I personally avoid cranberry, though many people use it successfully.  I would just say to be careful not to over acidify. 

D-mannose is amazing. It attracts the bacteria that most frequently causes women's urinary tract infections which just attaches to it and is washed out of the body in the urine.  There are some bacteria that it will not work for, but for most infections I have read that it will work. I've had great success with it. Now foods makes one. Here's one that's pure d-mannose which I use.

Colloidal silver. I mention it again because I take more than described above for a UTI.  I make my own with a Silvergen machine and drink a maybe 8-16 ounces of it a day. I'ts approx 10-15 parts per million. I also take vitamin E & selenium as it's my understanding that this will help me to avoid argyria (see article here).

If nothing seems to be working I add Dr. Schulze's kidney/bladder drops. That stuff is great! click here for his site.

I have noticed that it helps me to douche as it appears that if I have a bladder infection, I may have a borderline vaginal issue which keeps the bladder infection from going away.  See below for the recipe I use.

Vaginal Infection
In addition to taking the products on the above list, I make a douching solution, which I use morning and night.  If it's particularly bad I use it three times a day. 
I get a vinegar & water douche at the drug store.  Summer's Eve is the brand I use because I can open it and put my own ingredients in.  The vinegar is acidic, which helps create the appropriate PH for the vagina.  To this solution I add:
-Tea Tree Oil - just a few drops as it can create a burning sensation. 
- Betadine Solution - If you choose to use betadine for anything, test it first as some folks are allergic to this.  This is antiseptic, and can be found at the pharmacy.
- Grapefruit seed extract.  I put in 10 drops. 
- CL02 - A dropper full. (See above for more info on this).
- D-mannose - see bladder infection above for description.
I shake this up and use it. 
Also, I used to add colloidal silver to the mix, but I've been hearing that mixing the silver with anything else would weaken the effectiveness of the silver.  I will be trying the silver in distilled water as a douche at least an hour or two apart from the above solution.
Sometimes I also add Niastatin if I think there may be a fungal infection. 

Colloidal Silver - I put in maybe 1/4 cup of my freshly made silver, or I put in a couple of droppers of Sovereign Silver into a douche of distilled water.

Ozone vaginal insufflations:  I do this daily.  This makes a huge difference for me.  If an infection starts pretty severe, or there is a stubborn infection that is not responding to the things I mentioned, I do this and it's never missed. Read about ozone here

Skin Infections/wounds:  

Ozone bagging:  I put the area in a baggie, or something to contain the ozone, and I ozone on the area.  Boy does this help.  Ozone is being used successfully to help those with diabetes heal wounds. 

Soaking solution: I make a solution of one or all of the following: distilled water, colloidal silver, Betadine solution, tea tree oil. 

Neosporin - I clean with peroxide and I apply the neosporin to the wound.  This topical antibiotic seems to help and it doesn't cause me any negative reactions.

Ear infection 

I make a solution in a dropper bottle. It includes undiluted home made colloidal silver, a few drops of tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract.  The number of grapefruit seed extract drops depends on the size of the bottle.  for a 1 1/2 ounce dropper bottle I might put in about 5 drops, give or take. I put a couple drops in every couple of hours. 

I'm not sure if this is necessary, but I tend to put the drops in, wait for the sound/sensation that it's gone in as far as it can go, then I turn my head and let the fluid run out.  I don't want to get any fluid buildup, but I want the solution to make contact. 

I use my ozone machine and apply ozone in my ears.  I need to be careful not to overdo it though. I have scorched the skin inside of my ears before, so I keep the exposure brief.

I read that you can put peroxide in the ear.  I tried it and had an earache for a week.  Some folks swear by it, and insist that doing this will knock out  a cold.  There is a link to an article about how to do it on the resources page here.

Lung Infection 
I do everything on the list above for what I take for every infection. 
Nebulizer & silver: I've been kind of nervous to try this, but I had a bad flu that caused a lung infection. I was coughing up lots of green. I have my own colloidal silver generator, but for this I felt it was important to get the purest and best quality I could get. I've come to believe that this is sovereign silver.

The oral silver was not working, though I continued to take it orally (the sovereign silver as well as my home made silver). I've read that you need to get the silver to make contact with the area of infection. I had bought a nebulizer at a medical supply shop. I put a couple of droppers full of the sovereign silver in the nebulizer, and did 3 minutes of deep diaphram breathing. I had read that shallow breathing doesn't get it down there.

To do this I pushed all the air out till I couldn't get anymore out. I inhaled drawing the air down, imagining it fill up my belly first, then the top portion of my lungs. Shallow breathing seemed to make my lungs irritated, but I felt fine with the deep breathing.

I did this every hour for maybe 3-4 hours, then a couple of more times that evening. The next day I was doing somewhat better. I did this for a couple more days, and the infection is gone - Thank God!!! My doctor just took a listen to my lungs and said they are clear. I continued a day past the last signs of infection, tapering down as the infection tapered down.

Quite honestly, I don't know if there are any long term issues. However I feel I did better than my hubby who went on zithromax at the first sign of infection. I got sick after him by almost a week, and my lungs were better before his.

I also would add that I continued with what I normally do during a cold or flu, though none of that prevented or fixed the lung infection without the silver in the nebulizer.
Follow-up note: I've done this many times since then and have not experienced any negative results that I'm aware of. 
Nebulizer & glutathione: I have found nebulized glutathione to be incredible for my lungs. I have been doing glutathione IV's for mopping up toxins from lyme disease. I started doing nebulized glutathione to get it in my blood between IV's. I recently had a cold and in the past it always caused a severe lung infection and bronchitis. It would take months to get back to normal. With the glutathione inhalation, there was much less sign of lung infection, and the bronchitis was so minimal, I was back to normal in 2-3 weeks instead of months.
I also used the nebulized silver, oral silver and olive leaf. The glutathione made a huge difference. There are glutathione capsules that I have been told were created to be used with a nebulizer which I've used successfully. (If you use the link to see the glutathione caps, scroll most of the way down the page to find the product.)
Tips:  Personally, I avoid Echinacea, as I've been told that if you have allergies, it can activate the part of your immune system which is already over reacting and make them worse.  If I didn't deal with allergies I would take it.
I avoid glandulars.  I was told by an immunologist that if your body acts with allergy towards the glandular, it can then begin attacking your own corresponding gland.
I Avoid sugar - that's a good rule of thumb anyway.  When I'm fighting any kind of infection, I avoid sugar like the plague.  It can suppress your immune system and I need all the immune system I can get!
I Drink Plenty of pure water.  If I could I would put fresh lemon juice in the water.  I have a bladder situation with interstitial cystitis so I can't do this. I would drink it cold as well as hot as a tea. Although lemon is acidic, it helps your body to be more alkaline, which makes in more inhospitable for viruses, bacteria and parasites.




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