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Articles on this site reflect the experiences of my wife, Angie.  The info below is the result of my interviewing her, and then posting the interview with the corresponding resources and links on this site.  We hope this helps you conduct your own research on your unique path to wellness.  Please enjoy!  Daniel.

Daniel: "You had problems with the parasite cleanse herbs.  What happened and what did you decide to do?"

Angie: "First, I would like to share that it's my perception that parasite cleansing is a logical first step in a good, holistic health strategy.  (See Angie's current wellness plan) In my research, I read that many of the symptoms of the various immune and autoimmune problems and many other illnesses could actually be caused by parasites.  At the very least they can steal your nutrition, release toxins and impact health negatively.  It seems that many people are fighting Candida and fungal infections, but until parasites are eliminated, it won't be possible to overcome the fungus.
I saw that getting parasites was very easy and common. On the Para-Buster site, here is a quote: "It is estimated that 90% of the population has at least one form of parasite in the body." In researching, I found that getting rid of them did not appear that difficult.  Although, it also appeared that overcoming parasites by allopathic medicines like antibiotics can be far less effective than the use of natural things.  Apparently, the natural anti-parasitics will kill a wider spectrum of parasites, bacteria and fungus with less side effects. 
There are two types of parasites to attack. The worms and the single celled types.  Just a few natural elements will knock out both types.  (Here is a good formula that contains the herbs known to be effective against parasites)
From what I can discern, it seems that most people can handle those herbs with no problems, but there are some of us who are more sensitive to these things.  I was having some bad reactions to the wormwood and I suspect the black walnut also.
I've done some research which has been really challenging because I'm trying to find an alternative to the alternative. I'm about to begin now, and though I'm confident I'm getting at a lot of various parasites, I'm not sure I'm hitting 100% of them.  If I could, I would stick to the herbal formula mentioned above.  However, in my case I've just got to do it differently. 
I intend to do a group of elements now, and use other things down the road, one at a time to "clean up" anything left over.

Here is the list for the first run through:

Diatomaceous earth - I chose a product called Dia-min, as it is in capsules. This natural product actually attaches to parasites and kills them, if I understand it correctly.  This is supposed to be effective for worms.

Oxy-Powder - I did a super successful and easy colon cleanse with this. I believe that in itself, it can kill some parasites that don't like oxygen. I am still using this anyway with 2-3 caps at night for the extra oxygen and for regularity.  I will continue this to help my bowels to move and expel any debris from the parasite cleanse. This will help me avoid die-off sickness.

Olive leaf (East Park) - 2 capsules 3-4 times per day.  I use this for the antiviral/bacterial/fugal effects. It is also anti-parasitic. It is my understanding that East Park olive leaf is created in a way that makes it highly potent and effective.  From my research, this appears to me to be the olive leaf of choice for many health pros. This is the only one I use. (Here is the East Park site link with detailed info on why it works and what it does:  East Park  If you are buying, it's much cheaper through from than from East Park directly. Use the link in the next column to see the link directly to the product on Amazon.)

Goldenseal root caps - 2 caps 3 times a day.   I stick to the root as it's stronger.  I will use two weeks on, two weeks off, two weeks on.  This should not be taken over long term.

Colloidal Silver - I have read that this can knock out some single celled parasites.  I also use it for anti-bacterial and anti-viral purposes.

Raw Garlic - Garlic is known to be anti-parasitic.  I intend to take 1 raw clove 2 times a day. I have been told that raw, fresh garlic has potency and elements that the garlic pills do not have. (After note: I found that this was very irritating to my stomach and bladder. I will use it again later, but in smaller amounts.  I'll also take it with some food to coat my stomach.)

Cloves - As described in Hulda Clark's recommendations on here on

Pau D'arco - Tincture is more effective than tea.  This is said to combat some parasites, bacteria, etc.

Grapefruit seed extract. I bought the tablets as it's a little easier for me than the liquid.

Psyllium Husk - 2 times per day to help with removal of parasite debris to avoid die-off sickness. 

CL02 - a dropper full in a glass of water every couple of hours. I find this really helps me with fungal and bacterial infections.  A live blood cell analysis consultant I know uses it for parasites as well. He said he sees very good results in the follow-up blood tests.

Ozone Water - This puts oxygen in the gut and kills stuff that does not like oxygen.  I'm taking it anyway because it helps me so darn much!  I will take 3-5 cups a day. 

Slippery Elm - This is soothing to the colon. 

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